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Shorts Tucano T Mk. 1

Former Royal Air Force fast jet lead-in trainer

The RSW Advantage

The most experienced Shorts Tucano operator in the Americas

The RSW Shorts Tucano

Light Attack Variant of the Shorts Tucano

The RSW Advantage

The affordable solution that proves the highest capability and performance at the lowest cost

Custom Weaponization Kits

RSW can design, integrate, and install a custom weapons solution for your platform.
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Military Aviation Training from Start to Finish

RSW provides comprehensive pilot and maintainer training for military forces worldwide

The RSW Advantage

Over 15 years of experience upgrading and improving military aircraft

Custom Refurbishment

Avionic solutions and installation. Airframe and powerplant overhaul and upgrades

Loss of Control In Flight is now the Number One cause of aircraft fatalities

The threats from wake turbulence, aircraft malfunctions, pilot errors, and severe weather are real

The RSW Advantage

The Right Aircraft
The Right Training
The Right Experience
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Latest News

August, 31

Completion of Phase 1 Testing!

The final sortie of Phase 1 testing had three objectives. First was to complete the 10 hour FAA Phase 1 requirement to allow unrestricted flight of the test aircraft in anticipation for Phase 2. Second was to evaluate the formation handling characteristics of the aircraft equipped with the MX-15 and 4 pylons. Third was to obtain engineering and promotional photos from the chase aircraft. Chief Pilot Mike Carter briefed and led the formation in the test aircraft, while Assistant Chief Pilot Cary Venden flew in the #2/chase position.

The test aircraft again flew well, and formation position and station keeping were just as in a standard Tucano. The test aircraft accelerated slower due to the drag of the MX-15, and maximum speeds were approximately 5-7 KIAS lower than the standard aircraft. The test aircraft is now ready for Phase 2 testing with an operable MX-15 sensor.

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